New Brand Xiaomi MI 5X Unboxing & Hands-On Review

Xiaomi MI 5X UnboxingXiaomi MI 5X UnboxingAt the evening of July 26, the smartphone manufacturer from the Chinese land launched Xiaomi Mi 5X. The flagship appears to be incredible, especially considering the price. We can say that:

Xiaomi Mi 5X is a cheaper alternative of iPhone 7 Plus and it features the same dual camera featured in Mi 6 and Meziu PRO 7 for a marvelous price of  ($222.5) – (Buy only US$199 at

So, without wasting your precious time and let’s dive into the first Mi 5X Unboxing and Hands-On review, to know the awe-inspiring dual camera flagship better:


Xiaomi smartphones are packed inside a plain white box with the Mi logo situated at the center of the front. The company only has different packaging for its more premium and innovative phones like Xiaomi Mi 6, Xiaomi Mi Mix. Xiaomi Mi 5X is rather a budget-friendly yet premium phone which continues the same plain white packaging.

As the tradition passes, on the top front, the model of the phone is mentioned. Meanwhile, the right mentions the flagship name in Chinese (English for Global release). The same goes for the information and highlights of the phone illustrated on the back of the phone.

The same goes for the information and highlights of the phone illustrated on the back of the phone. After opening the lid, we can see Xiaomi Mi 5X resting in the box. Underneath it is the compartment for the accessories. Regard accessories, Xiaomi isn’t too generous as there are no additional gifts in the box. The only things in the box are:

  • Mi 5X smartphone
  • User Guide
  • Charger
  • Data cable
  • SIM slot opener

Xiaomi Mi 5X accessories

The first look at Mi 5X is a bit strange one from other Xiaomi smartphones. Why? Because when we take a glance at the Xiaomi Mi 5X’s front resting in the box, it appears to be a Redmi phone. (Continued in Hands-On section)…

Continuing what we said in the previous section that:

Xiaomi Mi 5X’s front reflects the Redmi Family

Xiaomi Mi 5X front screen

You know that the three traditional buttons present at the front bottom, appear not that much premium. We don’t know why Xiaomi shifted the home button integrating fingerprint module to a simple cheap looking three touch based buttons and a rear fingerprint reader. However, the rest of the Mi 5 series features a home button.

On the top front, change is visible as the light sensor has been shifted to the left side along the front camera.

Xiaomi Mi 5X top front

Although the front may significantly reflect a Redmi smartphone, yet the curves and the finishing delivers a much Mi family look.

Xiaomi Mi 5X complete front view

Moving to the rear, this is where the real change is witnessed. As the front of the glass with an anti-scratch coating (no Gorilla Glass mentioned), the rear chassisforged from metal. It’s an all-metal body design.

Getting into the details, the back appears to undergo the sandblasting process as it’s anodized as proof. That’s why it reflects the shimmering produced by an anodized metallic enhanced with the thin layer of oil. The holding experience is great, but still, it appears to be a little bit slippery which is the downside of the sandblasting process as well as the oil layer.

Xiaomi Mi 5X is based on iPhone 7 Plus design. Even though the metal anodized chassis appears to have a better premium effect than iPhone 7 Plus, yet no one can deny the fact that:

Xiaomi Mi 5X copied iPhone 7 dual camera as well as the hidden antenna layout

Xiaomi Mi 5X antenna design

But it doesn’t need to be a bad side as Xiaomi Mi 5X is 4X lesser the price of Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus. Moreover:

The Mi 5X is the budget-friendly version of iPhone 7 Plus

Regarding dimensions, the phone is only 7.3 mm and weighs 165 grams. It’s available in three color options: black, gold, rose gold.

Xiaomi Mi 5X release


Furthermore, heading to the specs, Xiaomi Mi 5X categories in the list of the mid-enders. It integrates the large 5.5-inch 1080p screen with 2.5D glass arc. Moreover, black borders also surround the screen to reduce accidental touches. Under the hood, Snapdragon 625 beats as the heart of the flagship accompanied by a generous four gigs of RAM and 64GB storage. The most important down point of the phone is the SoC. No doubt, it’s energy-efficient and highly optimized, but still, they could have gone with a new release like SD 630 or SD635 and even a much powerful SD660.

The greatest selling point of the flagship is the 12MP rear dual camera integrating the latest Sony IMX386 Exmor RS as primary and Samsung ISOCELL S5K3M3 as secondary. It’s the same camera sensor featured in Xiaomi Mi 6 and Meizu PRO 7. Featuring it inside a $223 smartphone is somewhat praising. We don’t expect such incredible results as in PRO 7 and Mi 6. You know why? Well, that’s because of Mi 5X large f/ 2.2 aperture rather than f/ 2.0 or f/ 1.8. Therefore, with the larger aperture, there’s much quick focusing, and the random shots are the worst. To be honest, the cameras are highly optimized for selfie/portrait mode instead of focusing on every scene.

Getting into the details, Xiaomi Mi 5X dual rear lens support 2x optical zoom, 10x digital zoom, portrait mode, based on binocular imaging principle, a real-time close blur, and portrait beauty mode 3.0. You can also record 4K / 30fps UHD video and a 720p / 120fps slow motion video. Here are some samples:


Meanwhile, the front shooter is 5MP and sports 36 beauty features from Beauty Mode 3.0.

Xiaomi Mi 5X Sim Slot

Xiaomi Mi 5X comes with a pre-installed MIUI 9 (Android 7) and supports Dual SIM and 4G LTE. The Mi 5X is powered by a built-in 3080mAh battery.

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