Review: Apple iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT) RED ™

Launched on March 21 with the iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus hot red special edition. All of this red will be sold to Apple for funding to support the HIV / AIDS project over a period of more than 10 years. The international media has also made VDO. MKBHD Box Review

The device in the box that comes with the iPhone 7 Plus this version will have.

IPhone 7 Plus RED
EarPods with the latest Lightning headers without 5mm jack
Lightning to USB Cable
The Headphone Jack Adapter can be used for headphones with 5 mm jack.
5 watt USB Power Adapter
Lightning to 5 mm cable

In the iPhone 7 Plus box, this special version will be the same as the iPhone 7 Plus, but only a red card that clarifies the project. (PRODUCT) RED ™ increased.

The back of the device for the iPhone 7 Plus is a red version of the surface (like Black), the line is red, slightly brighter than the machine, and the Apple logo is black, reflected light.

Left-hand navigation buttons And the right side of the machine is red as well as the same machine.

The front of the iPhone 7 Plus is a special version of the screen is the same size is 5.5 inches, and then the screen is white. The foreign media is wondering why Apple does not use black, which seems to be more appropriate. Or at least it should make the ring around the Home button is red, it will be more beautiful. (Probably red to the whole machine)

MKBHD reveals that if anyone wants to have an iPhone 7 Plus RED front black. It can be used to replace parts of the iPhone 7 Plus on the front of the machine. Or put the film or the skin on the front of the machine.

The bottom of the device is not a 3.5 mm headset like the iPhone 7 Plus.

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RED iPhone 7 128GB  Wholesale Price:$310

RED iPhone 7 256GB  Wholesale Price:$340

RED iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Wholesale Price:$325

RED iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Wholesale Price:$366


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