China now sells Galaxy S8 and S8+ Do not need to book,

China now sells Galaxy S8 and S8+ Do not need to book,

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ is now available on China’s website ( without pre-booking. You can choose between Midnight Black or Orchid Gray.

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  1. The first thing I want to talk about is screen: it’s big, it’s high resolution, it’s bright. Its aspect ratio is stretched out, so wide-screen content fits it better. The extra visual real estate is nice but using it one-handed is not very easy.

  2. I won’t talk about the phone because we all know its amazing. im going to talk about if it really works internationally and if this is a s8 in perfect conditions. before purchase I was scared the phone wouldn’t work in my country do to the lack of reviews and well highly rated reviews. thats why im doing this review this phone came in perfectly.