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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Vs HTC U11 : Specs and Camera Comparison

In this comparison, we put the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and the HTC U11 side-by-side to see how their cameras perform in different kinds of condition. We know that the U11 has the highest DxOMark score for smartphone cameras currently, but can the Galaxy Note8 fare well in spite of this? Find out in our video. SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE8 SPECS IN

HTC U11 Review: Gorgeous and expensive mobile phone

To beat the best, you have to know their product, learn from it, and make something even grander. That’s the formula HTC followed: Manufacturer the Pixel under Google’s guidance, study Android’s blueprints, and create a smartphone with all that in mind. The process took a while to complete — over half a year after the

Hand-on Review : HTC U11 wholesale distributors in China

KEY FEATURES 5.5-inch quad-HD display Snapgradon 835 / 4GB RAM 64GB storage / microSD ANC USB-C earbuds included No headphone jack 12MP camera w/ OIS 3000mAh battery Amazon Alexa Edge Sense Manufacturer: HTC Review Price: £649.99/$974.99 HTC U11 HANDS-ON: A PHONE YOU CAN SQUEEZE, BUT WHY? HTC U11 release date: June 2017 HTC U11 price:

HTC U11 VS HTC 10: Specs, Appearance And Features

HTC has announced its flagship for 2017, the HTC U11. The new handset follows the movement started by the HTC U Ultra and U Play earlier in 2017, but brings with it flagship spec, looking to outshine its rivals. So here’s how the HTC U11 compares to the 2016 flagship HTC 10 that it replaces. Is this a handset

HTC One M9 review: Dolby Surround how is it?

Taking up the mantle as HTC’s flagship phone in 2015, the HTC One M9 has a lot to live up to. The HTC One M8 and original One were both great handsets, the latter a winner of the TrustedReviews’ Phone of the Year Award in 2013. The previous models in the One range were both

HTC 10 VS LG G5: What is the difference?

We’ve already seen a couple of the big Android flagships launch this year but there are a few we are still waiting on, one of which comes from HTC. The company opted not to use Mobile World Congress to unveil its next smartphone creation, with an event set for 12 April instead. The show in

HTC 10 review in china: 5.2-inch quad-HD display

KEY FEATURES 5.2-inch quad-HD display Snapdragon 820 4GB RAM 32/64GB internal storage USB-C 3,000 mAh battery Android 6.0.1 & Sense 7.0 12 UltraPixel camera w/OIS 5 UltraPixel selfie camera w/OIS Manufacturer: HTC A phone that really should put HTC back on the map 2016 is going to be a massive year for HTC. Its VR